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Back Pain 5 Reasons to Avoid Surgery

Back pain is one of the most common reasons that people seek pain management in the United States. When a person suffers from daily back pain, it is understandable that they may consider back surgery to help bring them relief. However, back surgery may not be the best option to treat their chronic back pain.

Here are five reasons from Impact Med why back surgery should not be rushed into and why other treatments may be more effective:

Other Treatments are Usually More Effective

Treatments like manual, acupuncture, exercise, physical therapy, chiropractic care, manual physical therapy can often relieve chronic back pain in a safer, less invasive, and less expensive way than back surgery.

Recovering from Back Surgery Can Take Weeks or Months

Back surgery is not a quick fix. Depending on your overall health and the type of back surgery performed, recovery after surgery can take between a few days to four months. A procedure such as a minor laminectomy will usually allow you to return to light activity within a few days, but a more complex surgery such as a spinal fusion could require months of recovery.

Depending on the scope of the back surgery, you may need help getting in and out of bed, going to the bathroom, and caring for the incision. Not to mention that you will likely be on serious pain medication that will prevent you from driving.

After back surgery, your full range of motion and day-to-day life probably won’t return to normal for several months.

Back Surgery Doesn’t Address the Cause

Is your back pain a result of poor posture? Muscular imbalances in your body? Weakness of your core muscles? Using poor form while lifting heavy objects or exercising? If you have back surgery and return to the same habits, your back pain is likely to return.

You must address the cause of the back pain, not just the pain itself.

All Surgery Comes with Risks

Although precautions are taken during surgery, surgery of any kind carries risks to be aware of. Risks can include bleeding, infection, reactions to anesthesia, blood clots, nerve damage, and even a stroke or heart attack.

Of course, most people come out of surgery without any complications or issues, but the risks associated with surgery are another reason to avoid back surgery unless it is necessary.

Back Surgery Isn’t Always the Solution

The biggest risk of getting back surgery is not knowing if it is going to get rid of your pain. Back pain is a complex issue and can have a variety of contributing factors. You don’t want to go through the risks of surgery, the expense, and the recovery only to find out that you are still in pain.

Back surgery should be a last resort and reserved for the most severe chronic cases or injuries.

Ways to Avoid Back Surgery

There are several ways that chronic back pain sufferers can relieve back pain without rushing into a surgery. Basic, at-home treatments can be done regularly and are much more affordable than back surgery.

Some ways to avoid back surgery and relieve back pain include:

  • Exercise
  • Using heat and ice to increase blood flow to the affected area
  • Diet/weight loss
  • Physical therapy
  • Stretching and strengthening back muscles and surrounding joints
  • Spinal manipulation/chiropractic care
  • Injections such as nerve blocks, steroid injections, or spinal cord stimulators

Get Back Pain Relief with Impact Med Sun City

If chronic back pain has got you down and you think that back surgery is your only option, come visit us at Impact Med in Sun City. We offer physical therapy, chiropractic care and manual therapy to help relieve your back pain.

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