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Physical And Chiropractic Therapy After a Car Accident

Being the victim of a car accident in the Miami/Cutler Bay area can be devastating. You go from being able to enjoy all the beauty and recreation that this area has to offer to being in pain and laid up. Here at Impact Medical, we see numerous patients in this situation each and every week, and we make it our mission to get each one on the path to healing and recovery as quickly as possible.

The brilliant care team at Impact Medical is adept at designing individualized treatment plans for automobile and motorcycle accident victims in order to provide them with a full recovery and a return back to actively living and enjoying life. Part of this treatment regimen typically involves physical and chiropractic therapy modalities. 

Both the physical therapy and chiropractic care offered by your Miami/Cutler Bay Impact Medical staff will be top-notch. Our practitioners are experts in their fields and will approach your injuries with whole-body wellness in mind. 

Post-accident problems can sometimes take weeks or even months to rear their ugly head, and the longer they are left unaddressed, the longer the recovery period. Therefore, a full evaluation after you have been involved in a collision is very important. Physical therapy can help support the recovery process through muscle strengthening and chiropractic care can treat alignment issues that may cause pain and weakness. 

Physical therapy and chiropractic care are valuable in other ways as well. Through a carefully designed PT and chiropractic treatment program, accident victims can experience a restored range of motion, reduced pain, and prevent further injury and trauma. Additionally, those who complete their full PT course of sessions along with regular chiropractic adjustments can often avoid needing surgical intervention. 

For further information on how physical therapy and chiropractic care can work hand in hand to help you recover from injuries sustained in an automobile accident, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable team at our Impact Medical Miami/Cutler Bay office. We would love to meet with you and discuss how we can help you achieve a full recovery so that you can return to living a full life. Call today!