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M.U.A. Treatments for Knee, Lower Back, and Neck Pain

When it comes to finding the proper treatment for pain in your lower back, knees, or neck, you may have run the gamut of everything possible and have little to no relief yet. There may even have been some treatments you’ve discovered that have given you temporary relief. But if you’re suffering from chronic pain in any of these areas, temporary relief is more disappointment than anything else. 

You may have heard of a treatment called Manipulation Under Anesthesia, or MUA for short, but what is it, does it work, and is it right for you? 

At Impact Medical Lutz, we believe you deserve to discover a way to live chronic pain-free as long as possible, which is why we wanted to answer all those questions and more about MUA treatments for knees, lower back, and neck pain!

What Is MUA? 

Manipulation Under Anesthesia is a completely non-invasive treatment that is designed to help reduce and relieve chronic pain along your spine and neck. 

As the name of the procedure implies, there is sedation required to be effective. When you’re sedated, the expert and experienced practitioners at Impact Medical can perform spinal maneuvers and other stretches that are too painful and uncomfortable to do when you’re awake and alert. Your pain is typically caused by scar tissue or even muscle spasms, but when you’re under anesthesia, our practitioners can stretch your knees, lower back, and neck pain-free. 

Why Choose MUA? 

The chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve tried everything else. MUA is designed to be a stretching technique that’s done under anesthesia and that can do more than other non-invasive procedures have in the past for your chronic pain. 

When your spine and knees are too painful to move with regular manipulation, MUA can be an option that delivers results a chiropractor and physical therapy cannot. This is because when you’re in the middle of stretching and working on those painful areas, stretching them past where the scar tissue will allow can be incredibly painful.

But with MUA, you’re able to effectively get past the scar tissue and stretch your spine, neck, and knees safely and the way they need to be to deliver results. 

If you’re considering trying MUA treatments for chronic pain in your knees, lower back, or neck, call the specialists at Impact Medical Lutz. We’ll help you understand the right MUA treatments and ensure you’re able to live life your way again!