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Techniques Used in Sports Manual

Miami is a mecca for athletic activities, as the climate lends itself to leading an active lifestyle year-round. If you are a participant in the South Florida sports scene, today your Miami Impact Medical team is here to discuss a great way to up your game as well as your overall sense of well-being. We are talking about sports manual therapy. 

All athletes regardless of level can reap benefits from receiving regular sports manual therapy sessions as a part of their training regimen. Availing yourself of this great service offered at Impact Medical in Miami can keep your muscles in top condition and help with injury prevention or rehabilitation.  

Our highly skilled sports manual therapists are trained in the latest techniques to specifically target the needs of athletes of all ages. The benefits received from this type of manual therapy include lactic acid release to permit your muscles to recover more quickly as well as improved flexibility and range of motion. We also cannot neglect to mention how regular manual improves mental health with overall feelings of greater wellness.

When you go into a sports manual therapy session with one of our manual specialists, you can expect them to use myofascial release and Swedish manual techniques as follows:

Effleurage– This lighter style of manual is done with the palm of the hands and enhances blood flow with strokes in the direction of the heart.

Friction-Athletes work their muscles to the core, making friction manual a great choice. This is a form of deep tissue manual that is done after effleurage has warmed up the muscles. It is perfect for helping to heal injuries and reduce soreness.

Petrissage-Kneading the muscles like bread dough helps speed recovery with this stroke.

Vibration-The quick movements provided by vibration are perfect for providing soothing relaxation to sore and tired muscles.

Tapotement-Pre-competition manual often includes this technique which involves cupping muscles for stimulation.

Our sports manual therapists can incorporate these sports-centered techniques and more with our personally designed manual therapy regimens. Here at Impact Medical in Miami, we cater to every athlete young and old, weekend warrior to pro. If you are ready to improve your performance and be at the top of the game, we invite you to reach out today and schedule a consultation. Don’t wait…call now!