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Manage Motorcycle Injuries Effectively in Bradenton

If you love enjoying the beautiful weather in Bradenton, Florida on your motorcycle, you are not alone. Numerous motorcyclists hit the pavement each day to enjoy the sunshine on their faces and the wind in their hair. While riding a motorcycle is an excellent way to get around and see the world, it does carry with it the risk of being involved in an accident.

Here at Impact Medical in Bradenton, we frequently see patients who are dealing with the aftermath of accidents that have occurred while they are riding. Motorcycle accidents can be extremely traumatic, as those who wreck their bikes are not afforded the protection that the steel cage of a car offers its occupants. 

Oftentimes, motorcycle accident victims suffer a myriad of injuries that can result in long-term recoveries. Some of these injuries can include head and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal cord and nerve damage, injury to or loss of limbs, fractures, burns, and damage to muscles, tendons, and/or ligaments.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an unfortunate motorcycle collision, our incredible multidisciplinary team at your Bradenton branch of Impact Medical is here today to give you some advice on how to manage recovering from your injuries so that you can return to living a full and healthy life. 

First, seek a full medical evaluation. While some injuries may be obvious, others may not appear right away. Some signs and symptoms of these types of delayed onset injuries include headaches, stiffness, pain in the back or abdomen, or numbness. Once acute care needs are assessed and addressed, you can turn to rehabilitation and recovery.

This is where Impact Medical can change your life. Our individualized post-accident care will be custom-tailored to your needs. Our clinicians include physicians, chiropractic specialists, manual therapists, physical therapists, and imaging specialists. With our team in your corner, you can be assured that we will be able to manage each case with care designed for you.

We can help give you your functionality back along with reducing pain via physical therapy and chiropractic care. Manual therapy promotes healing of tissue injuries and full-body wellness, and our imaging studies will ensure that no stone is left unturned in dealing with your injuries. 

Don’t spend another day in pain after a motorcycle accident. We invite you to reach out to the team at Impact Medical in Bradenton to schedule your evaluation. We are confident we can give you back the life you deserve with personalized care. Don’t wait…call today!