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Florida Direct Access Physical Therapy FAQ

Getting the right physical therapy is critical to the success and speed of your recovery from your injuries, and this is especially true if you suffer from chronic pain. But the way it has been for a long time now is to go through your doctor to get a prescription for physical therapy so that your insurance would cover the cost. This can be overwhelming and time-consuming, right? 

Well, for Florida residents, there’s actually a way that you can get the compassionate and comprehensive physical therapy and care you need without having to visit a doctor to get a prescription. How? Florida Direct Access. 

The physical therapy and recovery pros at Impact Medical Pompano Beach have put together this list of FAQs so that you can learn everything you need to know about Florida Direct Access. We believe that your recovery matters, and when you’re able to get the right and best care possible, you can be well on your way to taking back control of your life again. 

What Is Florida Direct Access? 

Florida Direct Access is a program that allows a physical therapist like the highly trained and experienced ones at Impact Medical to implement a treatment plan for 30 days regardless of your injury and without a prescription. Talk about a game-changer and a game-changer for PTs and patients like you who are looking for help with their injuries or chronic pain. 

This means you don’t need to wait for a prescription from your doctor, nor does your insurance coverage to approve a PT plan. 

Can I Just Come in for PT?

Yes! You can just walk in to visit the recovery specialists at Impact Medical to start getting the targeted and comprehensive physical therapy treatment you need to recover better.

Are There Any Restrictions?

There are a few restrictions with the Florida Direct Access program, yes. But when you look at them, the benefits far outweigh the restrictions. Here are a few of the limits that the program has: 

  • If your condition falls outside the physical therapy scope of practice, the physical therapist must refer you to a healthcare practitioner.
  • If your physical therapy care plan exceeds 30 days and a physician has not assessed the condition, the physical therapist must have a practitioner of record review and sign the plan. Please note: This doesn’t apply if you have been examined and diagnosed by a physician in a different state as having a condition for which PT is required and if the physical therapist is treating that specific condition.
  • Physical therapists may not implement a treatment plan for you if you are in a hospital, ambulatory surgical center, or mobile surgical facility.

If you’re ready to transform your recovery and finally be able to access the best physical therapy care from PT specialists who are invested in your recovery, then it’s time to call the PT pros at Impact Medical Pompano Beach today. We’re always here to help you recover better, move easier, and equip you with the treatments you need to live stronger.