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What Are Cash Pay Clinics & How Can They Benefit You?

There are many ways that you can save money on medical care, and cash pay clinics are one of the best ways. Simply put, a cash pay clinic is a health provider that doesn’t accept insurance and operates on a cash-only system. When we talk about cash, we mean debit cards, credit cards, checks, and yes, actual cash. 

This may sound strange, but this is how the medical world worked for decades before health insurance became mainstream in the mid 20th century. 

While this may all sound new to you, there are some great benefits to visiting a cash pay clinic!

The Benefits of a Cash Pay Clinic

There are several great benefits to visiting a cash pay clinic, but one of the best ones is that you don’t have to pay for health insurance that isn’t right for you — especially one where your deductible is high, or your preferred doctor isn’t covered. Not only that, but the services at a cash also pay clinic are often much more affordable than the ones that operate under insurance, and the services that they offer are just as good. 

Even if you do have health insurance, a visit to a cash-pay clinic can often be cheaper than your in-network providers where you may have a high co-pay or be on the hook for a big bill. Cash pay clinics set their own rates, and don’t have to go through insurance companies. 

Another amazing benefit is that you generally get more time with your doctor or therapist at a cash pay clinic since they don’t have to spend so much time creating records for insurance companies. They get to focus on you, the patient, instead. 

Other benefits include:

Better Care 

An unfortunate truth about our healthcare system is that doctors don’t always have the freedom to treat their patients as they would like to. Often, they are under the constraints of the insurance companies and must treat the patient’s chief concerns as the insurance company says. 

So, instead of spending time to talk to them about what is happening or suggesting an alternative treatment or lifestyle change, they may order a test, put their patient on medication, or send them to a specialist. 

Cash-only doctors have the freedom to treat their patient’s health concerns as they see fit and develop a comprehensive treatment plan instead of just treating one symptom. 

More Flexible Appointments 

It is estimated that in average-sized family practices, each full-time physician is usually assigned 2,500 patients and sometimes even more. It’s no wonder people don’t often feel a connection with their doctor! 

Cash-only doctors have fewer patients, which means that they can spend more time talking with and listening to their patient’s concerns. They can also have more flexible appointments with same-day or next-day scheduling.

Cash pay clinics also have freedom in how they see their patients, whether that is in-office, on Skype, through text, or even email. 

Price Transparency 

A cash pay system allows you to see the costs of each service, even for complicated procedures with no wait on billing the insurance company. Some cash pay clinics may post their costs online while you may need to ask for others. Transparency is the key at cash-pay clinics. 

Services Savings 

With a cash pay clinic, you can look at saving money on common diagnostic procedures such as CT scans, X-rays, and ultrasounds, and you can also get a better deal on certain kinds of lab work, prescriptions, out-patient procedures, and other therapeutic services like physical therapy, chiropractic care, and manual. 

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