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Signs You Have a Pinched Nerve & How We Can Help

After an automobile or motorcycle accident, you can be left with many ongoing issues to deal with, including insurance woes, lost wages, mental stress, and physical injuries. For many people, accident recovery is a drawn-out and frustrating process, especially when you are left with chronic pain that impacts your ability to function and enjoy life in beautiful Lutz, Florida.

While accident injuries can run the gamut from broken bones to cuts and bruises, here at Impact Medical in Lutz, we find that many crash victims present with symptoms that indicate trauma to the nervous system, such as pinched nerves. Pinched nerves can cause an array of bothersome physical problems such as numbness, tingling, burning, pain, and even muscle weakness.

As you can imagine, these kinds of symptoms can cause extreme challenges to enjoying and navigating the tasks of daily living. There is good news, however. Often, treating issues such as pinched nerves is a relatively simple process and one that the skilled staff at Impact Medical in Lutz deals with regularly. 

When you come into our office for a complete evaluation, our physicians, imaging specialists, physical therapists, manual therapists, and chiropractors will take a holistic team approach to evaluate and treat your nerve-related pain. Typically, the discomfort that results from pinched nerves can be treated by several relatively simple means, including bracing the area to prevent additional damage and medications or injections to reduce inflammation. 

We also find that physical therapy can be a highly effective means to treating pinched nerves, as it can strengthen the areas that may be limited by nerve pain as well as increase flexibility and range of motion. Chiropractic care and manual can assist in making sure that the body is in proper alignment and receiving adequate circulation, which also helps to decrease inflammation and release pinched nerve fibers.

When you leave our Impact Medical office in Lutz, your medical team may recommend the following home remedies in-between visits to help reduce the suffering caused by pinched nerves. These include things like light stretching and manual, using heat and/or ice, resting the affected area(s), and getting extra sleep so that the body can continue to heal. 

If you have been the victim of an automobile or motorcycle collision in the greater Lutz area and find yourself suffering from pain caused by pinched nerves or other post-accident trauma, don’t continue to suffer. Reach out to us at Impact Medical for a full evaluation of your medical needs. We are confident our team of medical professionals will be able to diagnose and treat your medical conditions promptly so that you will be able to get back to enjoying a pain-free life. Call now!