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What To Do After Being in A Car Sharing Accident

With the costs of owning an automobile climbing as well as the convenience of smartphones, car sharing is becoming a big business. Not only does this “Airbnb” for cars allow those who choose to rent out their personal vehicles to gain extra income, but it saves money for individuals who tend to not often need the use of a vehicle except in certain circumstances by allowing them to rent cars near them only when they need them for a fraction of a monthly car payment. 

Car sharing is growing in popularity, and therefore, unfortunately, so are accidents involving shared vehicles. While we all know that accidents are bound to happen, being involved in a collision in a shared car presents some unique challenges for drivers and passengers alike. 

No matter what the circumstances are, you will certainly want to contact the police to file an accident report as well as exchange insurance and identification information with the involved parties. However, for most, the primary concern after a shared vehicle crash in the Pompano Beach area is receiving a complete medical evaluation. 

This medical evaluation is a critical component not only to ensure the health and well-being of you and your passengers but also for insurance companies to be able to accurately process the accident claim and provide the best support for the victims. While some injuries may be apparent immediately, there are many times when injuries are not blatantly obvious and can cause symptoms that pop up days or weeks post-collision. Additionally, some accident-related trauma can cause chronic pain and disability.

For these reasons, you must choose a medical provider that is highly skilled in diagnosing and treating collision-related injuries, such as the team at Impact Medical in Pompano Beach. Here at Impact Med, we have a staff comprised of physicians, imaging specialists, physical therapists, manual therapists, and chiropractors who are adept in the evaluation of injuries caused by an accident. 

Our staff takes a collaborative team approach to thoroughly examine each patient who walks through our doors. We then create an individualized treatment plan comprised of various modalities to get our patients fully recovered and back to enjoying life. 

If you or a loved one have been involved in a collision in a shared vehicle, do not delay medical treatment. Reach out to the fantastic and caring team at Impact Medical in Pompano Beach. We can accurately diagnose and treat your injuries and put you on the road to recovery in no time. Call us today!