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Digital Motion X-Rays Post-Accident – What to Expect

DMX and we’re not talking about the rapper. Digital Motion X-rays (DMX) are critical when it comes to accurately diagnosing your pain. With x-ray studies and MRI scans, injuries like ligament damage, soft tissue injuries and even cervical spine joint dysfunction can go undetected. At Impact Medical Group, we are persistent in our values to impact our patients’ quality of life by providing the best care. By using state-of-the-art technology like Digital Motion X-rays to deliver unparalleled treatment, recovery time is optimized so you can thrive. 

A body in motion stays in motion. After an accident, it may very well feel that way. But, when it comes to traditional x-rays and MRI scans that require stillness, a lot can go unseen. Since most injuries occur when you are in motion, capturing images of your body moving post-accident can reveal just how the injury occurred. This revolutionary technology, also known as a fluoroscopy, can produce 30 x-rays per second while a patient is in motion. The images then appear on a video monitor to create an x-ray “movie” of the body and spine. 

If a DMX is believed to be needed, we will advocate for one to be ordered. In most cases, ligaments do not fully regain their strength after an injury. Collagen will replace elastin which can increase the risk of a future injury. Additionally, a permanent impairment rating of 5-8% can be added. Any referrals for advanced imaging after non-response or decreased response can add value to your treatment plan and warrant future chiropractic care. The Digital Motion X-rays provide an objective study that can demonstrate what structures are involved, how the injury occurred, the location of the injury, and its severity. This information is a gamechanger for patients, doctors and attorneys who represent accident victims. 

Accidents can be traumatic, but we hope with our comprehensive and compassionate treatment services, patients will gain some peace of mind. Schedule a time to visit our Bradenton office for a consultation or give us a call at (941) 269-2183 to learn the next steps.