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Modalities in Physical Therapy & How They Help

If you are experiencing lingering chronic pain, the experienced team at Impact Medical Group has an array of physical therapy modalities that may work for your injury. A modality is a type of electrical, thermal or mechanical energy that is designed to cause physiological changes and improvements to an injury. These techniques are used to relieve pain, improve circulation, decrease swelling and reduce muscle spasms. The most commonly used modalities in a physical therapy practice are heat, cold, ultrasound, phonophoresis, iontophoresis, traction and electrical stimulation. All of these aim to help relax muscles, lessen pain, reduce swelling while assisting in healing. 

By assessing the injury and developing a customized physical therapy program for each client, we are able to personalize your recovery journey. This unique treatment plan is designed to promote your ability to move, prevent disability at all costs, minimize pain, encourage overall wellness and restore or improve body function. Regardless of the injury, our team’s core focuses are on improving a patient’s balance, regaining muscle control through strengthening exercises and increasing range of motion with stretches. 

The physical therapists at Impact Medical Group use a plethora of progressive techniques in a strategic way. Through diligent observation and making adjustments as needed, your physical therapist can monitor progress while layering additional treatments like manual or heat therapy that will complement your recovery plan. For example, our clients that participate in manual therapy often suffer from lower back pain, whiplash, concussions, spinal cord or knee injuries. With regular sessions, manual can improve circulation, break down scar tissue and lengthen muscle tissue to aid in the healing process. 

If you are in need of a progressive, multi-disciplinary practice that is dedicated to making a positive impact on its patients here in Miami, look no further. The Impact Medical Group team is ready to solve your pain issues so you can thrive! Call our Miami office at (786) 789-3171 or send us a message to make an appointment.