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How PT Can Help You Avoid Back Surgery

Oftentimes, back pains are either glossed over or the desire to have the issue checked out is minimal. This is sometimes due to the fact that the symptoms of back pain are not always immediate. The pain can begin as a minor discomfort that gradually increases over time which is why the issue is commonly slept on, both figuratively and literally. However, any slight signs of back pain that you may be experiencing should not be taken lightly as letting the problem grow can cause major conditions to your body later on.

The kind professionals at Impact Medical Cutler Bay want to help you understand the importance of being proactive in protecting your body with the assistance of PT, otherwise known as physical therapy.

Reasons For Needing Back Surgery

Before we tell you how you can avoid back surgery, it benefits you to learn the reasons for possibly needing such an intense procedure in the first place so you can understand exactly what it is that you’re trying to prevent.

Some of the most common reasons why patients undergo back surgery pertain to the bones located in that general area. For instance, spinal discs can slip out of line or break entirely. In other cases, patients have experienced extra bone mass (also referred to as bone spurs) along their spinal cord causing distress in their backside. The technical term for this occurrence is osteoarthritis.

Aside from bone-related issues, it is also possible to develop other conditions such as a spinal infection or tumor. But while broken bones and infections pose a threat, the list doesn’t end there. Here are some other back-related problems you can encounter:

  • Loss of bowel and bladder control
  • Numbness of the limbs
  • Trouble walking normally

What Exactly is Physical Therapy?

In short, PT is a process that aids the body in relieving pain while improving function and mobility. It is a gentle, gradual approach to getting your body to perform basic functions over time.

During PT, a specialized therapist will guide you through various exercises and other physical activities to adjust your body accordingly. These therapists are typically licensed or have earned their master’s degree. A good therapist will be able to precisely evaluate your body and movements in order to give you personalized care for efficient and optimal recovery. A few of the methods they may use include but are not limited to:

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Regular manuals
  • Practice with canes or walkers

So, What Does PT Have to Do with Avoiding Back Surgery?

Physical Therapy isn’t just for those recovering from a severe condition or surgery. Nurturing your body to good health is key to avoiding back surgery in the first place because you are improving your conditions so that all the reasons for needing surgery (as stated earlier in the article) will no longer have the means to occur. Whipping yourself into shape, both inside and out, will ward off any potential threats as long as you’re not too far along in reaching that point.

If you’re ready to be proactive in avoiding back surgery, give Impact Medical Cutler Bay a call at 305-363-7446 to speak with a professional about what you can do for a pain-free future!