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6 Things You Need to Do After a Boating Accident

Some of the most raging parties happen on boats because of the sense of freedom that people feel being on the water. However, that carefree way of thinking can lead to drastic accidents while your guard is down. The kind staff at Impact Medical Cutler Bay want to prepare you with an action plan in case disaster strikes.

Steps to Take After a Boating Accident

Being on the open water, you wouldn’t think that things could go wrong in so many ways. You could slip and fall on the deck, get thrown overboard, or get run over by a boat while you’re in the water. And of course, there’s always the possibility of the boat crashing into a structure or even another boat which could also lead to it capsizing. No matter the cause, there are certain areas to cover in the event of an accident.

Contact Law Enforcement

If another party is concerned, there should be a record of it. A collision with another boat or anything involving property damage is enough reason to file a police report. In case the situation turns into a lawsuit, having a detailed file on hand will help sort out the full story.

Call In Emergency Medical Services

If there are signs of an injury, even a potential one, then medical services should be contacted immediately. Some injuries don’t appear until it’s too late, so you can never be too careful. Possible injuries that can happen in a boating accident include:

  • Whiplash
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Bone fractures or breakage
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain trauma

Many of these injuries can be healed in time through physical therapy sessions and regular visits to the chiropractor.

Notify Your Insurance Company

If you have boat insurance, filing a claim should come without question. There’s always that chance you’ll be reimbursed for any damages, so it won’t hurt to try. Although boat insurance is not legally required in Florida, it’s something to seriously consider if you regularly take your vehicle out on the water.

Find a Lawyer

There’s always a possibility of a lawsuit if another party is involved. Whether you’re the one pressing charges or the other side is the one looking for compensation, finding someone to help your case could save you a lot of trouble. Since boating is a rather expensive hobby, many people will take the initiative in getting some reimbursement back.

Get a Physical Examination

A physical therapist or a chiropractor will be able to examine your body for signs of damage. From whiplash to spinal injuries, they’ll be able to halt the damage before it gets worse and nurse you back to your original state. Through regular manuals, movement exercises, and bone relocation, you’ll notice an overall improvement in a matter of days or weeks.

Stick to the Healing Process

One visit to the chiropractor isn’t going to solve all your problems. These trained professionals are experts at what they do, but you also need to be committed enough to keep up with your regimen in order to see impactful progress. This may sound difficult, but a good physical therapist will make the process as easy and as pleasant for you as possible for the best results.

Let Us Tend to Your Boating Injuries!

If you’ve recently been in a boating accident or endured any boating-related injury, we can start the process to a healed body. Call Impact Medical Cutler Bay today at 305-363-7446 to schedule an appointment and get back to being you!