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What You Should Do if You Have Been Involved in a Jet Skiing Accident

Being surrounded by two notable bodies of water, jet skiing is a favorite sport among Floridians. However, that also means there’s an increased risk of getting into a bit of a costly disaster. The caring staff at Impact Medica Port Richey want you to know exactly what to do if you become involved in a jet ski accident.

What Causes a Jet Ski Accident?

Some people feel safe in the open water thinking that there’s nothing around to get in their way. Even if something happens, the water should act as a soft-landing pad, right? This is where people get careless and end up paying the price. It’s important to consider the chance of collisions with other boats or grounded structures, or getting hit by a boat while you’re in the water followed by drowning.

The largest factors that lead to jet ski accidents are:

  • Reckless behavior while operating a boat such as drinking or not paying attention
  • Mishandling of the vehicle from lack of knowledge or experience
  • Defective equipment thus causing malfunctions and lack of control

What to Do After a Jet Ski Accident

If you ever find yourself in the middle of a jet ski accident, it’s important to keep your composure to the best of your ability and follow these steps to handle the situation:

  1. Check on everyone’s safety. The absolute first thing you should do is make sure every person involved is in a stable condition. Tend to any significant wounds and do a headcount in case anyone may be missing or drowning.
  2. Call the authorities. Get the police on the scene and call in an ambulance if anyone is severely injured. These first responders will know exactly how to take care of the situation to ensure safety and security.
  3. Collect information. Once everyone’s well-being is in a stable state, it’s advisable to gather information from everyone involved such as the boat operator along with any passengers or witnesses. Do your best to obtain their name, address, phone number, and any insurance details.
  4. File the necessary paperwork. This step can be a pain, but it’ll save you a lot of trouble. Filing a report with the police can help you if any legal action should take place which is why getting the authorities on the scene is important. You should also file a claim with your insurance company in case you qualify for any reimbursement.
  5. Visit a chiropractor or physical therapist. Even if you seem to be feeling fine, some injuries take a while to present themselves and it can be harder to heal by that time. Getting a physical examination is the best way to look out for your own health.

Why You Should Seek Physical Therapy

A jet ski accident can be drastic enough to cause damage to your head, shoulders, spine, and limbs depending on the severity of the blow and where you get hit. No matter the location of your injury, physical therapy can help restore your range of motion in the neck and limbs while allowing you to regain any lost strength in your muscles. Additionally, chiropractic care can lessen pain and inflammation in the tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Where to Get Treatment in Port Richey

Treating your jet ski injuries is just a quick phone call away! Give Impact Medical Port Richey a ring at 727-877-5002 to schedule an appointment and receive the best care you can possibly receive in the area! Our caring staff is eager to get you started on your recovery so you can feel like you again.