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7 Benefits of Hormone Optimization Therapy

If you’re experiencing unpleasant changes in your body or mood, it could be due to irregular hormone levels. Although hormone imbalance is a very common issue in older patients, it can be treated with the proper means. The professionals at Impact Medical Brandon are here to explain the benefits of treatment through hormone optimization therapy.

No harmful chemicals

Many hormone replacements contain additives in order to sell you marketable gimmicks like fast-acting formulas, increased performance, and so on. However, many of these chemicals can have adverse effects on the body especially if taken in incorrect doses. Bio-identical hormones are created to be as close to the natural thing as possible which makes it easier for your body to accept as normal.

Manage mood swings

One of the most common signs of hormone imbalance is severe mood swings. Whether your hormone levels are too low or too high, you can experience extreme changes in your behavior such as strong feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger. By balancing out your hormone levels with hormone optimization therapy, you can better regulate your mood.

Treat or prevent chronic diseases

If you are currently suffering from a chronic disease, hormone optimization therapy can help relieve your symptoms. As a more proactive measure, hormone optimization can also be used to prevent chronic diseases before they happen. Such chronic diseases include those having to do with the heart, digestive system, and nervous system.

Regain lost energy

Loss of hormones over time can instill feelings of intense fatigue to the point where your daily routine can take a physical toll on the body. By restoring your hormones, you can experience less fatigue as your energy becomes restored.

Regulate your weight

Regaining energy lost from the fatigue that follows low hormone levels can play a huge part in your overall weight. When your body is too tired to move and your appetite becomes affected to the point of not being able to maintain a healthy diet, you will likely see noticeable weight gain. Hormone optimization therapy will help promote a healthier body.

Keep your bones strong

As people get older, they are more prone to bone-related injuries and diseases which can affect how they handle day-to-day activities. Bone fractures and problems with the spinal cord are all common issues for those with low bone density. Balancing your hormones helps keep your bones strong.

Slow down the aging process

At around age thirty, signs of aging tend to snowball well into our fifties. This is in part due to decreased hormones, so stabilizing your hormone levels can slow down the aging process to keep you looking and feeling young longer than the average person.

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