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Yes, You Can Combat Muscle Loss After 40. Here’s How

If you have ever thought to yourself, “wow, I’m not as strong as I used to be,” you are not alone. Age-related muscle loss or sarcopenia affects just about everyone. According to Harvard Health Publishing, people begin to lose as much as five percent of their muscle mass per decade after they reach 30 years old. Don’t lose hope though – there are several ways to combat muscle loss. Impact Medical Group of Clearwater shares three ways below.

Pay attention to any hormonal changes you experience. Testosterone plays a vital role in determining muscle mass in the body and can decline with age. Usually, this starts around 40 years old and may decrease up to one percent annually. Introducing hormone optimization therapy can help restore hormonal balance while slowing down the aging process. Working with an experienced health professional can help you determine where an imbalance is and how to rectify it.

Movement may seem like an obvious recommendation, but it doesn’t hurt to remind the masses. A sedentary lifestyle can speed up the muscle-loss process so the best way to avoid that is by staying active. Prioritize activities that increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, strengthen brain-to-muscle coordination and promote a wide range of motion to the hips and shoulder area. Swimming, walking, and yoga are all great options.

Load up on vitamins, particularly Vitamin D. Older adults often experience Vitamin D deficiency that can lead to decreased muscle strength. If you are deficient, check with a doctor who may recommend supplements or additional IV vitamin infusions to help restore this critical element.

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