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Summer Biking Safety Tips from A Physical Therapist

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy all the fantastic bike trails that Florida has to offer. The Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg’s physical therapy team wants to make sure that you bike safely. So, before you head out on your next adventure, read these three biking safety tips that can’t be missed.

1. Check your equipment

This foundational step ensures safety for your bike and wellness! Before starting a ride, especially a long-distance one, check that your equipment is in good condition. Brakes, chains, tires, and other important components should be in good working order and fit securely when ridden. Knee pain can begin when a saddle or cleat is positioned incorrectly. Ensure that the seat height allows for a slight bend in the knee at the bottom of the pedaling motion and refrain from rocking your hips side to side.

2. Getting started

If you are new to cycling or want to level up your cycling game, confirm you are physically fit enough to withstand the ride. Building stamina and tolerance for sitting are essential before hitting the road. Though cycling power comes from the hips and knees, a strong core creates the stability and endurance needed to succeed. Improper form from weak deep abdominal strength can cause low back pain and if you start to shift your trunk unevenly, shoulder and neck pain may occur. Working with a professional can help you strengthen these muscles before you saddle up.

3. Road Rules

Manners matter, especially when biking. Cyclists and motorists often share the same responsibilities and rights on Florida roads. The best way to communicate with those around you is through verbal and hand signals. Use these when passing other riders, changing direction, or stopping ahead. Practice good etiquette by understanding the rules of the road and making yourself aware of any specific rules in your area.

Summertime and the biking’s easy. Well, it could be. If you need assistance getting your body cycle-ready, call Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg at (727) 722-8103 or send a message to speak with our team.