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Are Seat Belt Injuries Covered in Physical Therapy?

During a car accident, your seatbelt becomes your best friend. It can save you from serious conditions that could even be life-threatening. But in order to protect you, it can cause some minor injuries in the process. Thankfully, these less-critical damages can be easily treated with physical therapy. The medical professionals at Impact Medical Port Richey will show you how.

Common Seat Belt Injuries

When bracing for impact, your seat belt is designed to lock up and hold you in place. Although this can keep you from flying out the windshield, the brute force of your body against the seat belt can be rough and lead to certain injuries.

Shoulder Injuries

Since most seat belts are designed to be secured across your body diagonally, the shoulder becomes the most likely target for injuries during a car crash. The tendons and muscles in your shoulder can tear and become inflamed and you may experience intense pain in that general area.

Chest and Sternum Injuries

The chest area is the next most common location for seat belt injuries which are caused by your body pressing into the locked seat belt. With your sternum being front and center, it’s possible for the impact to affect it and dig deep enough to hurt the organs behind it. You’ll notice soreness in your chest, especially if your ribs also become bruised in the process.

Abdominal Injuries

Although less likely than injuries involving the shoulder and chest, your abdomen can also experience certain injuries such as inflamed soft tissue. If the impact is hard enough, the pain can radiate past your tissue to the organs that are being protected.

It’s always best to call emergency services immediately after an auto accident to take care of any possible life-threatening conditions. But for optimal recovery soon after, physical therapy is the best thing you can do for your body. The longer you wait to get a physical examination, the worse your injuries can become, sometimes to the point of irreversible damage. Plus, getting seen by a physical therapist can help you qualify for insurance coverage through PIP Florida state law.

How Physical Therapy Can Treat Seat Belt Injuries

The point of physical therapy (PT) is to restore your body back to a functional state through gentle movements and light exercises. But how does this help with seat belt injuries? PT can lessen inflammation in your affected areas to relieve pain and increase mobility. It’s easier for your body to recover when it’s not tense from pain. PT can also help you regain your lost strength after sustaining muscle and tendon damage.

Let Impact Medical Port Richey Treat Your Seat Belt Injuries!

If you’re feeling pain or stiffness in the chest, shoulders, or abdomen after an accident, call Impact Medical Port Richey at (727) 848-3377 as soon as you can to schedule a physical examination and get started on treatment through physical therapy. Our qualified physical therapists will put you on a recovery plan personalized to your situation for a fast recovery!