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Is Microneedling or Botox Better for Wrinkles?

Most people that look for a way to get a more youthful appearance must decide between the two most popular techniques: microneedling and Botox. But which one is better for wrinkles? Impact Medical Rejuvenation of Tampa weighs the pros and cons of both treatments so you can decide which is better for your skin. Let’s take a closer look below.

Both methods will indeed tone and plump the skin while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. However, they each work in different ways to achieve those results. Botox is performed by injecting a serum under the skin while microneedling uses tiny needles to prick the skin and trigger natural cell production. The latter uses needles to prick only the skin’s top layer to affect the skin. Oppositely, Botox affects the facial muscles because it is injected underneath the skin’s surface.

Are you looking for rapid results for your wrinkles? If so, Botox might be right for you. Because the injectable spreads quickly beneath the skin, many see an immediate impact. Microneedling is almost the opposite because it stimulates your skin naturally, which may take a little more time to see full results.

How long can you expect results to last? The microneedling process relies on your skin’s natural healing process to work. Some results may become obvious in the first few days but to maintain those effects, monthly sessions are recommended. Botox results can last longer because of the impacted muscles that are frozen, or paralyzed, beneath the skin. Fading over time will occur so most Botox procedures can be done every three to six months.

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