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What Is the Best Age to Get Preventative Botox?

Did your grandmother ever yell, “don’t make that face or it will get stuck that way” at you? That may be why many of us are turning to preventative BOTOX these days. But when is the best age to begin treatments? Impact Medical Rejuvenation of Tampa shares more about the BOTOX timeline below.

With 43 muscles in the face working to create frowns, smiles, “duck faces,” and more to capture that perfect profile picture, it’s no wonder why BOTOX treatments have risen in popularity. When we move our facial muscles, our skin adapts to accommodate and creates “dynamic wrinkles.” These wrinkles only appear with certain facial expressions and generally disappear when the face is rested. Over time, these take longer to fade or in some cases, can take up permanent residency on the face. Working with a professional can help you design an anti-aging treatment plan that will combat those uninvited guests.

Because each face is different, there is no set age to start preventative BOTOX treatments. FDA-approved for patients 18 years and older, most people begin treatments in their 20s and 30s. However, because wrinkles usually form after your 20s, use a general rule to consider BOTOX at the first sign of noticeable lines or wrinkles on your face. For many, this happens somewhere in their 30s.

How do you know preventative BOTOX treatments are right for you? During a consultation at Impact Medical Rejuvenation of Tampa, our team will discuss and review any areas of concern while also creating a personalized treatment plan. Ready to learn more? Contact us at (813) 283-1910 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.