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Physical Therapy for Vertigo – Exercises and Benefits

If you are one of the millions of Americans experiencing more dizziness than the spinning teacups, you may have vertigo. This form of dizziness can create a sensation of motion and leave patients feeling like they are tumbling or spinning. In most cases, vertigo can go away on its own, but Impact Medical Group of Port Richey knows that adding physical therapy exercises can improve your balance and well-being sooner.

A variety of conditions can produce vertigo. Frequent symptoms include migraines, inner ear infections, head injuries, or surgeries involving the inner ear or surrounding nerves. Common in adults over the age of 20, it can also affect people of all ages. This condition can be especially dangerous for older adults. Vertigo-related balance issues put this age group at a greater risk for falls, fractures, and major injuries.

So how does a physical therapist help with vertigo? Because Impact Medical Group of Port Richey physical therapists are movement experts, patients can expect hands-on care, prescribed movement, and continuous evaluations. Each vertigo treatment plan will be tailored to the patient’s needs, with a primary focus on restoring movement and symptom management. After an evaluation, head and neck exercises like the Epley Maneuver may be integrated into the sessions. 

Experiencing vertigo can be debilitating and terrifying. But when properly diagnosed and paired with effective physical therapy sessions, it can be successfully managed. The first step is to seek care from the specialists at Impact Medical of Port Richey. Call us at (727) 848-3377 to make an appointment today!