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What Every Truck Crash Victim Should Know About Physical Therapy

Accidents can be traumatic, but perhaps even more so when they involve a truck. Depending on the severity of the accident, a wide variety of injuries can occur. In most cases, adding physical therapy can improve injuries sustained in trucking accidents.

Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg shares what every truck crash victim should know about physical therapy.

Most crash victims are looking for a way to decrease pain, improve mobility and gain back independence after an injury. Enter physical therapy. These sessions are commonly prescribed by an insurance company and can last several weeks or months. The most important task is to schedule an appointment immediately. Delaying can exacerbate symptoms and the healing timeline. After an initial evaluation of your injuries, a physical therapist will design a personalized treatment plan for you.

Some of the most common truck accident injuries include whiplash and pain in the chest and back. For whiplash, physical therapists may incorporate stretching exercises that will strengthen the neck and surrounding muscles. Injuries around the rib area may require breathing exercises that will allow the patient increased rest. Physical therapists may use manual and stretching exercises to relieve pain caused by strains in the back area.

It is important to note that truck crash victims should not wait to seek medical care. If you were involved in a truck accident, speak with the Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg team at (727) 722-8103 or send a message to schedule an appointment today.