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Involved in a Trailer Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do

Tractor-trailer accidents often result in catastrophic injury. In most cases, a collision with a semi-truck can cause severe injury and getting necessary medical help should be the first priority. If you or someone you love is involved in a tractor-trailer accident and are fortunate enough to walk away with only minor injuries, there are some important steps to take, including:

1. Check for Injuries and Find a Safe Space.

Immediately after a tractor-trailer accident, you should determine the extent of your injuries. You should also make sure to keep a safe distance from the accident to avoid further injury. Never leave the scene of an accident—wait for help to arrive.

2. Call 911.

Call the police as soon as possible following any accident, especially one that involves a tractor-trailer. If you’re on a highway, the 911 dispatcher will quickly direct your call to local authorities and emergency responders. Let the dispatcher know how many people are involved in the accident, so an appropriate number of ambulances can be dispatched. No matter how minor you think the accident is, always get a police report—it’s the best way to document an accident, so you can seek financial compensation in the future, if applicable.

3. Seek Medical Attention.

Even if you don’t think you’re hurt, it’s important to seek medical attention after any vehicular accident. In some cases, you may have injuries that don’t show symptoms right away. There are several types of injuries that commonly occur in tractor-trailer accidents, including head and neck injuries like whiplash; traumatic brain injuries; internal hemorrhaging; broken bones; and more.

Even if you’re not feeling symptoms directly following the accident, always seek medical attention—injuries can become even more serious issues later, potentially resulting in permanent damage or death.

4. Document the Evidence.

If you’re physically able to do so, gather evidence after your accident. You should take pictures of the crash from various angles, and you should also take pictures of any injuries you or your passengers have sustained. Write down contact information of bystanders, witnesses, and even first responders.

As you exchange information with the truck driver, as well as any other involved parties, make sure you admit no fault in the accident. Remain calm and watch what you say, so that you protect your best interests should you need to file a legal claim for damages in the future.

Your Health Comes First Following a Tractor Trailer Accident

Tractor-trailer accidents are often severe, causing a variety of injuries due to the incredible physical forces at play. The choice to seek medical attention is the most critical decision you can make following an accident—even if you don’t feel symptoms, you need to request a full evaluation from your doctor’s office or a nearby hospital. Should your injuries require treatment for anything from whiplash to pinched nerves or herniated discs, reach out to the caring team at Impact Medical Group of Lutz today. One call to us at (813) 536-0373 is all it takes to start your journey toward recovery. Call today for your free consultation!