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What Treatments Help with Airbag/Seat Belt Injuries?

Did you know that wearing a seat belt was mandated by the U.S. federal government in 1968? Since then, millions of lives have been saved. There’s no doubt that seat belts and airbags can be very effective in preventing accident injuries though in some cases, their use can create additional injuries. Impact Medical of Clearwater shares below what treatments can alleviate pain caused by airbags and seatbelts.

Accidents can be traumatic. At Impact Medical of Clearwater, we use a step-by-step guide to help patients with their recovery timeline. After confirming that your accident injuries are not life-threatening, schedule an evaluation with our medical team. This initial visit will review the patient’s medical history and current condition. Before treatment begins, we will go over the accident details along with the patient’s lifestyle, existing medical conditions, or additional concerns that can help doctors create a personalized treatment plan. Then, a doctor will perform a physical examination. External injuries like cuts and bruises are evaluated and treated based on the severity of the condition. Soft tissue injuries that impact muscles, tendons, or ligaments may present as strains, bruises, or tears. If other injuries are suspected to appear delayed, advanced diagnostic imaging like a CT scan or MRI may be recommended. Treatment plans may include chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy, traction, and physical therapy.

Though, any chiropractic care will depend on the root cause of your pain. For example, if the chiropractor confirmed your diagnosis as an airbag injury, treatment for shoulder pain would be a priority. The quicker that treatment begins, the better chance of restoring the body and ensuring long-term recovery. Other treatments may include using ice and heat to reduce inflammation and tension or adding a stretching routine to ease tendons and muscles around the injured area.

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