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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Lingering Rib Pain

Daily chores are already a dreaded occasion by many. But for those experiencing lingering rib pain, they can be excruciatingly painful. If you are struggling with everyday activities, finding a pain-free sleeping position, or even driving, Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg can help.

Rib pain causes discomfort in and around the ribcage in the chest area. Throughout the rib cage’s complicated structure, there are joints, cartilage, and bones that attach to the sternum and spine. When any of these areas are disrupted, pain can cause a domino effect in the chest area. Pain can be caused by many things and may show up as achy, dull, throbbing, or searing. It can be consistent or sudden. Because of its unpredictability, it is vital to seek care immediately. In some cases, the pain can be caused by inflammation of the cartilage, known as costochondritis. Other more serious conditions like osteoporosis and fibromyalgia can lead to pain in the ribcage area. Chiropractic care, physical therapy, manual, and stretching are all great techniques used by our team of professionals to alleviate rib pain.

After a full evaluation, chiropractic adjustments may be prescribed. This technique corrects alignment errors that often lead to rib pain. Adding stretches and manuals will relax tense muscles and create flexibility to support adjustments. When the chiropractor adjusts the affected joints, it relieves soft tissue strain and any trapped nerve tissues. Pain from strained or pinched tissues can then heal naturally. Once healed, you may choose to schedule periodic spinal evaluations and adjustments. These appointments can help maintain long-term alignment in the rib cage and spinal area. The chiropractor may also introduce exercises and postures to reduce bad habits like slouching or slumping, which can lead to strain.

Are you ready to address your lingering rib pain? Let Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg create a personalized program that can finally alleviate that long-term discomfort. Visit the Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg website for more or call us at (727) 722-8103 to speak with our team.