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4 Most Unprotected Body Parts of Motorcyclists

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of driving a motorcycle—or riding on the back. Since motorcycles are relatively small vehicles and occupants are very unprotected compared to cars and trucks, motorcycle injuries can be severe. Recovering from a motorcycle accident often takes time, medical intervention, physical therapy, and more. Here are the four most unprotected body parts of motorcyclists, and what you should do to recover from some of these common injuries.

1. Lower Extremities

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) leg and foot injuries are the most common motorcycle injuries. From fractures to broken bones, road rash and more, 30% of all motorcycle-related injuries occur in the lower extremities. While most of these injuries aren’t fatal, they can be very painful and lead to long-term disability if not examined and treated by a medical professional.

2. Head and Neck

The CDC states that the head and neck injuries are second only to lower extremity injuries when it comes to motorcycle accidents. These are some of the most serious injuries a motorcyclist can suffer, and they can even result in permanent physical, mental, and emotional disability.

Motorcyclists who are thrown from the vehicle may suffer skull fractures and other head trauma like Traumatic Brain Injuries. When motorcyclists are struck from the rear, they often suffer from whiplash that occurs when the neck is “whipped” back and forth from impact. These injuries should be examined by a medical professional immediately, since head and neck trauma can cause permanent impairment if not diagnosed and treated immediately.

3. Upper Extremities

Most motorcyclists are ejected from their vehicles during a collision. As with other accidents, it’s human nature to use the arms to brace for a fall. As a result, motorcyclists are likely to suffer upper extremity injuries, like shoulder damage or torn rotator cuffs, from a collision. Other common injuries include broken arms, elbows, and fingers.

In some cases, injured motorcyclists may suffer from permanent nerve damage to the upper body. Early diagnosis and treatment of any upper extremity injuries is essential for post-accident recovery.

4. Thorax

Motorcycle accident victims often experience blunt force trauma to the chest. The impact can cause internal bleeding and damage to the heart, lungs, and other internal organs. Some victims also suffer from broken ribs that could puncture the kidney, liver, or spleen. Many of these injuries require surgical intervention, so immediate medical attention is necessary.

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