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What Is the #1 Cause of Auto Accidents?

It’s no secret that driving on America’s roadways is dangerous. While some car accidents aren’t avoidable, many are, and there are some causes that are more common than others. Read on to learn about the leading cause of car accidents, so you can avoid being in a collision yourself.

Distracted Driving Is the #1 Cause of Auto Accidents

Without a doubt, distracted driving is the top cause of auto accidents. When a driver’s attention strays from the road to distractions like mobile devices, passengers, or even food, even a momentary distraction can become dangerous. When a person’s behind the wheel, their only job is to drive safely to their destination. There’s no reason to multitask—simply pay attention to the road ahead and keep yourself, your passengers, and others on the roadway safe.

Most Common Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents

There are plenty of studies out there that detail the many ways distracted driving can lead to auto accidents—some of which are deadly. Here are some of the common causes of distracted driving auto accidents:

  • Mobile Devices. Cellphones and other mobile electronics are one of the primary causes of distracted driving accidents. Using a cellphone while driving creates an enormous risk of injury or death. 
  • Inexperienced Drivers. Young drivers are prone to distracted driving, especially when other passengers are in the car. An AAA study found teens who drive with a passenger are twice as likely to be involved in a car accident. That figure increases to five times as likely when driving with two or more passengers.
  • It’s not just teens who can be easily distracted—parents can be, too. Parents driving with young children in the car have an 87% chance of being distracted while behind the wheel. Attending to children and keeping them in check can be disastrous. As you can expect, that can quickly lead to an auto accident. 
  • Multi-Tasking. Simply reaching for another object, like a cellphone, a drink, a purse, or anything else—increases the chance of an auto accident. Eating, for example, is a leading cause of distracted driving car crashes. 

Other Common Car Accident Causes

Aside from distracted driving, there are several other common causes of auto accidents. Some of the factors detailed below are in your control, while others are not. Be responsible whenever you’re behind the wheel to give you and others on the roadway the best chance of a safe arrival. Some of the other common car accident causes include:

  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Reckless driving (running red lights, weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating)
  • Inclement weather
  • Vehicle design defects

Seek Medical Attention for Auto Accident Injuries

If you’ve been in a car accident, regardless of the cause, you should seek medical attention immediately. Even if you have no symptoms, the true extent of your injuries can develop over time. Early intervention is critical when it comes to treating car accident injuries, and the medical team at Impact Medical Group of Tampa is ready to help. Call us today at (813) 283-1910 to schedule your comprehensive exam, and we’ll support you on your journey to recovery from start to finish.