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Surgery After an Auto Accident? You Need Post-Surgery Physical Therapy

Surgery is often a crucial step in the recovery process for those who have sustained serious injuries from car accidents. Though surgery can help return a person to a state of good health, it’s only one step in a longer journey toward recovery. Post-surgical physical therapy is an essential component of ensuring a healthy and complete recovery after such injuries. If you or someone you love has recently undergone surgery following an auto accident, read on to learn why post-surgery physical therapy is so vital and what benefits it can offer.

Faster Healing

Physical therapy helps to improve blood flow to injured areas, which in turn can accelerate the healing process. By performing targeted exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles and joints, physical therapists help speed up the recovery process and improve patients’ mobility. Increased strength and flexibility obtained through physical therapy may also help to reduce the risk of reinjury or other post-surgical complications.

Better Pain Management

Pain is an unavoidable aspect of the recovery process as far as surgery is concerned. But post-surgery physical therapy can greatly help reduce a patient’s amount of pain. With the help of physical therapy techniques such as manual, heat, ice, or other movement therapies, physical therapists can help relieve patients from postoperative pain.

Improved Mobility

Following an auto accident, patients may experience limited movement or difficulty in exercising the part of the body that has gone through surgery. The implementation of physical therapy post-surgery assists in gently stretching the affected area reducing any chances of post-surgery stiffness and improving overall range of motion.

Regained Independence

Car accidents can have a significant impact on a person’s independence by taking away the ability to accomplish routine daily tasks. Physical therapy can facilitate the gradual return of this independence to anyone who has undergone surgery post-accident. Following surgery, many people desire to remain inactive for some time due to fear of causing harm to their wounds. Post-surgery physical therapy can help speed up the recovery curve, helping patients regain their independence.

Personalized Care

Physical therapy post-surgery always begins with an initial assessment as injuries vary from person to person. Physical therapy provides customized care, uniquely tailored to each patient for their specific needs. Physical therapists work in small groups or one-on-one with patients to come up with expert-level physical therapy programs that can reduce pain and improve overall areas of concern.

Physical Therapy Helps You Heal Completely and Return to Your Normal Life

Post-surgery physical therapy is vital to your recovery process after an auto accident injury. If you’ve been injured in a car accident and needed surgery, the caring physical therapy team at Impact Medical Group of Clearwater is standing by to help. Physical therapy will help you to manage pain, regain your flexibility, heal appropriately, improve your muscle strength and endurance, and prevent future injuries. Call us at (727) 292-0200 to schedule your free medical evaluation!