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What Are the Most Common Distractions That Cause Accidents?

Everyone’s experienced times when their minds wander while behind the wheel, but unfortunately, that momentary distraction can have catastrophic consequences. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents on the road. Most of the time, distractions are easily avoidable and simply require drivers to implement better habits. Let’s discuss the most common distractions that cause accidents and ways to avoid them.


Technology is perhaps the biggest distraction for drivers. Using mobile phones, tablets, or other devices while driving increases the chances of accidents. Texting while driving is a prevalent problem. People think that they are quick enough to read and reply to texts while driving, but the truth is that texting while operating a vehicle is extremely hazardous. The use of mobile phones while driving can wait until you reach your destination. Put the car in park before using your gadgets.

Eating and Drinking

Sometimes, people are in so much of a rush that they eat while driving. Eating and drinking can cause accidents, too. Having your hands busy with food can take your eyes off the road, and any unexpected situation that arises may catch you off guard. If you feel hungry or thirsty while driving, pull over to take a break, eat, and drink before getting back on the road.


Passengers can be both entertainment and distraction. While you may enjoy having a conversation or singing along with music, it can have a negative impact on your driving. It’s essential to focus on the road and ensure that the conversation does not distract you from your driving. It’s best to avoid conversations when driving on busy roads.


Grooming is another major point of distraction for drivers. Drivers often groom themselves while driving, whether it be combing hair or applying makeup. This grooming habit can lead to serious accidents. Before setting out on a trip, ensure you are well-groomed and avoid doing anything that may take your eyes and hands off the road.


Every person’s brain wanders from time to time. As your brain wanders off into different thoughts or problems while driving, it increases your chances of causing an accident. When you’re behind the wheel, stay focused and avoid letting your mind release stress or tension while on the road.

Impact Medical Group Is Your Partner in Recovery After a Car Accident

Distracted driving can have serious consequences, but fortunately, by being aware of the most common distractions and adjusting your habits, you can help keep the roads safe. At Impact Medical Group of Tampa, we understand that accidents can happen despite your best intentions, and we’re here to support your recovery. Our team of medical experts can provide comprehensive care to get you back on your feet. Contact us today at (813) 283-1910 to learn more about our services.