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How Many Americans Don’t Have Health Insurance? Here’s Why We Offer Cash-Pay Services

Everyone wants to live in the land of the free, but we’re all painfully aware of one of our main disadvantages: healthcare. While other countries gladly offer free healthcare and medical services, even so much as acquiring decent health insurance is so far out of reach for many U.S. citizens. The Impact Medical team is here to teach you just how many Americans are uninsured and ways that cash-pay services are here to help.

The Shocking Truth About Americans And Health Insurance

As recent as 2019, roughly 33.2 million Americans were without health insurance. That’s nearly 10.3% of the entire population. Fast-forward to 2022, the number slightly dwindled to 27.6 million (or 8.4%), but that’s such a small decrease over 3 years’ time. And these statistics refer to all Americans, including children. As of now, that’s roughly 3 million children being forced to get by without proper medical treatment. In Florida alone, about 13.2% of the state is uninsured. With healthcare being such a crucial need for every individual, why are so many people being left without financial assistance?

Why Are So Many Americans Uninsured?

Unfortunately, not all jobs offer health insurance. If you work a part-time position, it’s not even worth thinking about. So why not pay for insurance out of pocket? Most Americans, especially those in low-income households, can’t afford it. At that point, you might be wondering about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which makes more people eligible for Medicaid. That might work for some people, but not everyone qualifies. Even those who do qualify are still faced with high medical bills despite having Medicaid. However, not all hope is lost. At the very least, it’s become easier to take care of your body thanks to cash-pay chiropractors.

How Cash-Pay Chiropractic Services Respond To Health Insurance

If paying for medical services out of pocket isn’t doable for many Americans, then how will paying upfront with cash help their situation? The reason why many chiropractors are switching to the cash-pay format is that they are able to offer lower rates by circumventing the need for insurance. An initial consultation visit with an adjustment can be as affordable as $39, with regular visits after that being anywhere from $23-$33 if you were to purchase your visits in bundles. This way, the cost of 12-24 sessions can equal one regular session with an insurance-based practice without having insurance coverage.

Why You Should Be Taking Advantage Of Cash-Pay Businesses

Even with lower prices per session, many people often wonder if chiropractic care is that important, to begin with. People who don’t have insurance would be thrilled to have access to chiropractic care since it’s been proven to give your body more flexibility, great pain relief, improved mental health, and more. So if your local chiropractic office offers cash-based services, you can improve your body and mind at a low cost. These services also come in flexible visits that are easy for your schedule, so there’s really nothing to lose!

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