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What’s The Most Flexible Payment Option For A Chiropractor?

If you were to define flexible payment options, your interpretation may address a few common desirable traits. Smaller amounts, faster processing times, and zero obligations. An insurance-based chiropractor with these characteristics may as well be a myth, but the concept isn’t so far-fetched with newer cash-based practices. Learn more about how self-pay chiros like Impact Medical can offer you the most flexible payment options!

Why You’re Being Held Up By Your Health Insurance Provider

It’s common for health insurance providers to take weeks (or months) to get back to their clients with a final bill to pay with the leftover amount from a medical visit. Many patients just accept this as fact, but why is it like this? There are countless reasons as to why it’s taking so long for your insurance provider to process your claim:

  • Your claim may be under investigation. Insurance companies are a stickler for rules and regulations, and so someone may be giving your case an extreme look-through before being granted assistance.
  • Your practitioner and insurance provider may have conflicting terms. When you have two different companies upholding their own set of strict rules, it can lead to some conflict that will take some time to straighten out.
  • You may have more than one claim to be settled. In complicated situations where your claim addresses multiple issues, each one may be investigated individually.

Those are just a few of the most common reasons why it seems to take so long for your insurance provider to get back to you. Realistically, there are countless excuses that could be holding them up. These strict rules and inconveniences are anything but flexible or convenient which is why cash-based chiropractors are on the rise, and people everywhere are relieved to have a new way to pay for the services they need.

Do Insurance-Based Chiropractors Offer Payment Plans?

The availability of payment plans ultimately depends on your healthcare provider. Each practice has its own payment system, and many of them do not allow the flexibility of payment plans. Once your insurance has paid the amount that they are willing to cover, you either have to pay the rest of it upfront all in one go or not at all. This is difficult for those who are on a budget but don’t want their balance to fall into collections. Thankfully, self-pay chiros offer a better solution.

Cash-Pay Chiropractors: Finally, A Better Way To Pay!

You might be thinking that chiropractic care must cost even more without the help of health insurance, but that’s not the case with self-pay chiropractic care. In an effort to be more accessible and encourage more people to seek treatment, some cash-based practices offer a low cost per visit with the ability to purchase any number of sessions at a time. You can pay for each adjustment one at a time, or you can get a discount on bundled packages. This allows you to be in greater control of your spending while seeking much-needed chiropractic care, eliminating the uncertainty of dollar amounts long after your treatment date.

6 pack


($33 per adjustment)

12 pack


($28 per adjustment)

24 pack


($23 per adjustment)

Pay On Your Own Terms At Impact Medical

For flexible payment options when seeking chiropractic care near you, contact your nearest Impact Medical location for more information about how you can pay for your adjustments on your terms. We look forward to giving you the treatment you need in a way that fits your budget and lifestyle!