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Are Concussions Common In Biking Accidents?

As the wind whips through your hair and the thrill of speed courses through your veins, biking can be an exhilarating experience. But have you ever stopped to consider the potential risks involved? Our therapy team at Impact Medical Zephyrhills discusses a question that may leave you questioning your love for two-wheeled adventures: are concussions common in biking accidents?

From leisurely rides through scenic trails to intense mountain biking excursions, we explore the impact that these head injuries can have on cyclists.

What is a Concussion?

A bike accident can be a terrifying experience, leaving both physical and emotional scars. One common injury that occurs in almost 90% of accidents is a concussion.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury usually caused by a blow to the head, which leads to the brain being jolted or shaken within the skull. It is essential to recognize the symptoms of a concussion and seek immediate medical attention if you suspect one.

Symptoms of Concussions

What makes concussions particularly tricky is that they are not always immediately apparent. While some individuals may experience dizziness, blurred vision, or confusion immediately after an accident, others might not display any symptoms until hours or even days later. This delayed onset can make it challenging to identify and treat concussions promptly.

Therefore, it’s crucial for individuals involved in bike accidents to closely monitor their well-being in the following days and weeks to ensure they receive proper attention if necessary.

Symptoms to watch out for can include:


One of the most common symptoms of concussions is a persistent headache that ranges from mild to severe. Individuals with concussions also often experience confusion and difficulty concentrating, which can make it challenging to focus on everyday tasks or conversations.

Fatigue or Tiredness

Many people with concussions report feeling unusually fatigued or tired. This overwhelming sense of exhaustion can persist for days or even weeks after the initial injury. It is important to note that these symptoms may vary from person to person, emphasizing the need for medical assessment and personalized treatment plans.

Treating Concussions

After a bike accident resulting in a concussion, seeking immediate medical attention is paramount. However, many individuals overlook the potential benefits of alternative therapies such as manual and chiropractic care in their recovery journey. While traditional medical treatments address the physical aspects of concussions, these alternative therapies offer unique advantages by targeting different aspects of healing.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy can play a crucial role in treating concussions by promoting relaxation and reducing muscle tension. Gentle manuals around the neck and head can stimulate blood flow and facilitate the removal of toxins from the affected area.

Additionally, receiving regular manuals may help manage pain associated with concussions, easing discomfort and promoting a faster recovery.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care also proves to be highly beneficial for those recovering from concussions. Through hands-on adjustments or spinal manipulations, chiropractors can realign misaligned joints or vertebrae that may have occurred during the accident.

These manipulations not only relieve any accompanying headaches or migraines but also optimize nerve function throughout the body, allowing for improved communication between brain cells—an essential element in concussion recovery.

Getting Back on the Bike After a Concussion

It’s important to remember that each person’s journey with a concussion is unique – recovery timelines vary greatly among individuals affected by this injury.

Some people may bounce back relatively quickly, experiencing only minor disturbances in their daily lives before returning to normalcy within weeks. However, for others, recovery may be more prolonged and complicated; they may struggle with symptoms like fatigue, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and memory problems for months on end.

Bottom line: It’s important to prioritize rest after a bike accident or concussion. This allows your body to heal properly so you can get back out cycling!

Get Relief from Concussion Symptoms

If you have suffered a concussion as a result of a bike accident, don’t suffer in silence. At Impact Medical Zephyrhills, our dedicated team of therapists and chiropractors are here to provide the relief and support you need. Through a combination of personalized treatment plans, we can help alleviate your concussion symptoms and aid in your recovery process.

Don’t let the effects of a bicycle accident hold you back from living life to the fullest. Contact Impact Medical Zephyrhills at (813) 706-5156 today and take the first step toward getting back on track!