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How Long Do I Need To Rest After A Nerve Root Block Injection?

When it comes to pain relief, a nerve block injection is a common practice, but the injection can also be used as a tool to diagnose where the pain is coming from depending on which nerves the nerve block is targeting. A nerve block injection is an injection of anti-inflammatory medicine that can help inhibit the nerves to better heal due to the decrease in localized inflammation. Nerve blocks have three general purposes; Therapeutic Nerve Blocks, Diagnostic Nerve Blocks, and Anesthetic Nerve Blocks. A diagnostic and pain relief shot sounds wonderful, but what are the best practices when it comes to healing from a nerve block injection?

What Happens After a Nerve Block Injection?

Immediately after your injection, your doctor will monitor you for about 15-30 minutes to ensure you have no adverse side effects from the injection. What you’ll experience in your body will depend on where your nerve block took place. Everyone’s reactions to a nerve block injection vary, but generally speaking, the goal is to reduce pain either temporarily or for extended periods of time.

If the nerve block is in your neck, you may feel some numbness in your face for a few hours. You may experience congestion or drooping red eyes. If you get a nerve block injection in your neck, follow your doctor’s eating and drinking instructions for the next few hours, as difficulty swallowing may occur. If the nerve block injection targets nerves in your back, you may feel a warming sensation in the skin on your feet, legs, or midsection. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with your symptoms, contact your doctor right away to make sure what you’re feeling is a safe side effect of the medicine.

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How To Care For Yourself At Home

While recovering from a nerve block, or after a nerve block injection takes place, there are a few things you can do while you’re home to ensure that the nerve block heals without intervention from your activity or behaviors. Consider limiting activity for a few days, allowing your body to rest without the risk of damaging healing nerves. Avoid taking a bath for 24 hours, but showering is okay if cleared by your doctor. If the injection site feels sore, enjoy a clothed ice pack on the injection site to help relieve some sensitivity.

Think You May Benefit From A Nerve Block Injection?

Nerve block injections have been in practice for over 130 years and have proven to be a successful treatment for pain and for diagnosing pain points. Here at Impact Medical, our goal is to get you back to your pain-free life. Impact Med Zephyrhills’ compassionate team will work tirelessly with you to find solutions that get results. Call us today at 813-737-7965 to schedule your free medical evaluation and take the first step towards a life free from pain.