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7 Things Impact Medical’s Physical Therapists Want You To Know About Recovery

Patients who are new to physical therapy may feel anxious about what to expect and if it’s the best choice for them. Many of them get into it wishing they knew more about it, and that’s why we’ve created this helpful guide for our newcomers. Find out what Impact Medical’s physical therapists want you to know about recovery before you begin your treatment plan:

1. Everyone’s Physical Therapy Plan Is Different

When we want to know more about something, we tend to ask our friends and family for advice. You’ll most likely come across someone who has already gone through PT, but you shouldn’t take their experience to heart. This is a good way to have a general idea of what to expect, but the specifics differ from patient to patient. This is also why it’s not advised to follow along with online videos like you would yoga or Pilates. Your journey will be unique to you, and so your expectations should remain open-minded.

2. Desired Results Take Time and Commitment

Many patients are used to only seeking help as they need it, just like you would visit a medical doctor only when you’re feeling ill. PT is not the same in this aspect. Once you begin physical therapy, you are expected to stay on the path until the end for a full recovery and the results you want. Ending your treatment early could lead to slower or reversed recovery. Be prepared to keep up with your visits until your physical therapist says you are fully recovered.

3. Physical Therapy Often Requires Lifestyle Changes

Just because you attend every PT session doesn’t guarantee the best results. What you do throughout your daily routine during the entire course of recovery has a direct effect on your results. This may include lifestyle changes such as:

  • Being more active
  • Incorporating gentle stretches
  • Adopting a healthier diet
  • And more

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4. You Can Sometimes Avoid Surgery With PT

After an accident, you may expect to have surgery at some point to address any injuries. With proactive care through physical therapy, there is a chance of healing your body before it can become damaged enough to warrant the need for surgery. The trick is to be seen by a specialist and start PT as soon as possible, not giving your injuries enough time to get worse.

5. There Are Additional Benefits to Physical Therapy

One of the main reasons for people seeking out physical therapy is in response to pain after an accident. While PT is effective in lessening or mitigating pain, you may experience other benefits as well. These benefits include:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Regained strength
  • Better mental health
  • Controlled balance
  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Faster recovery

6. PT Is Not Meant to Exacerbate Pain

Is the idea of a painful PT session stopping you from scheduling a visit? This is a common fear, but one that can easily be put to rest. As your reputable specialists, we use gentle methods to ease you into your light stretches and exercises in a way that doesn’t induce pain. After your session, you will even notice less pain than you had before!

7. The Longer You Put Off Treatment, the Worse Your Symptoms Can Get

Procrastinating your physical therapy treatment after an accident because your pain doesn’t seem severe can lead to worsened symptoms the longer you wait. There’s even a possibility of developing chronic pain that can impact your mental health. All of which can be avoided by being proactive with physical therapy.

Begin Your PT Journey at Impact Medical!

At Impact Medical, our passionate team of certified physical therapists is here to guide you through a successful PT plan and answer any questions you may have before you begin your treatment. Contact your local office today to ask about our physical therapy services and to schedule a consultation.