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The Most Dangerous Kinds of Collisions

All car accidents, no matter how small, have the potential to cause long-lasting bodily damage. Some accidents, however, are deadlier than others.

Car accidents are dangerous and are unfortunately quite common. Knowing what the most dangerous collisions are can not only have an impact on your driving habits but could ultimately save your life. 

Our team at Impact Med Zephyrhills discusses the most dangerous types of collisions, and what you should do if you or a loved one are involved in a catastrophic accident. 

Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision is by far the deadliest type of car accident. Head-on collisions are particularly deadly because if two vehicles are traveling at say 35 miles an hour when they hit one another, they create an impact equal to 70 miles per hour. Therefore, even if these vehicles were driving at the posted speed limit and not speeding, the people inside the vehicles can suffer injuries like those sustained in a highway accident at full speed. 

Head-on collisions often result in extensive property damage, severe injuries, and fatalities. 

Vehicle Striking an Immovable Object Head-On

While most head-on collisions occur between two vehicles, a single-vehicle accident can be just as deadly. For example, if a car is traveling at 55 miles per hour and strikes a freeway pole at this same speed, hitting an immovable object with just force will cause the vehicle to stop suddenly and absorb most of the impact. These kinds of accidents often end in death or cause severe internal injuries. 

Side Impact Collision

Most vehicles are equipped with crumple zones that protect those within from damage or injury due to a front or rear collision. Side impact or T-bone collisions can become deadly as there is not much protection on the sides of a vehicle. 

When two vehicles are involved in a T-bone collision, one vehicle is struck on its vulnerable side, while the other vehicle gets the protection of its crumble zone and the bumper absorbs the impact. 

In this scenario, the car that has been broadsided will likely have more severe injuries than the other car involved. 

Sadly, these side-impact accidents are common in parking lots, at intersections, or multi-lane roads. Many vehicle companies are offering comprehensive side-impact safety features to help prevent fatalities.

Vehicle Rollovers 

Vehicles often lack protection for rollover crashes, and top-heavy cars such as trucks and SUVs are more likely to roll over than a smaller sedan or compact car. 

Since these accidents are characterized by violent rolling motions, sometimes at high speeds, even an airbag and seatbelt cannot protect the occupants from serious injuries. However, it is always important to wear a seatbelt as those who don’t wear them often suffer more serious injuries than those who were wearing them. 

Runoff the Road Collisions

Also called roadway departure accidents, this is one of the deadliest kinds of car accidents. These accidents involve a single vehicle that leaves the roadway and strikes a fixed object like a light pole, tree, or concrete barrier. 

Often, these accidents occur due to weather, over-corrections while driving, road conditions, distracted driving, and even drunk driving. 

Jackknife Collisions

Large semi-trucks can be difficult to control, especially in inclement weather or reactions to driver error. In many accidents, the trailers that are attached to semi-trucks will jackknife and push the cab until it is turned around. This leads to a complete loss of control and typically sends the truck in the opposite direction. 

Due to the size and weight of these semi-trucks and trailers, these kinds of accidents can be quite deadly.

Drunk Driving Collisions

Drunk driving accidents are often head-on collisions, T-bones, or even roadway departure accidents. This is because drunk drivers have significantly slowed reaction times and in a serious accident, their speed and trajectory can be the difference between life and death. \

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