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Why You Need Physical Therapy After a Joint Replacement

It may not always be an easy commitment but physical therapy after a major surgery like a joint replacement can accelerate your recovery time. This healing practice allows patients to focus on getting back to an active lifestyle swiftly. Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg shares why physical therapy is a must after a joint replacement.

It’s critical to begin rehabilitation soon after surgery. Most doctors will encourage patients to begin standing and working with a physical therapist within the first 24 hours post-op. The quicker that a patient gets comfortable with their new joints, the better their adjustment will be. After a few days in the hospital, both activity level and exercise time should increase. Upon discharge, patients should demonstrate abilities to bend, walk for certain lengths and understand the importance of continued physical therapy. The next few weeks will be a mix of exercises, walking and a gradual return to everyday activities. During this time, a physical therapist will continue to monitor your exercise and modify it when needed as your condition improves.

Some exercises might include leg balances, step-ups, toe and heel raises, or even cycling on a stationary bike. At Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg, our team of experienced physical therapists provides a personalized physical therapy program that will help you recover correctly. With a focus on regaining muscle control and increasing range of motion, our team will also incorporate additional treatments like manual and heat therapy to maximize results.

With our modern treatment methods and outstanding team of physical therapists, we’re confident that your recovery after a joint replacement will be a positive one. Call (727) 722-8103 or send a message to speak with the team at Impact Medical Group in St. Petersburg.