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Mythbuster – Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Low testosterone happens to everyone, but you don’t need to accept it as a part of life. Hormone imbalances can lead to a handful of debilitating issues if left untreated, but what could you even do about low testosterone? Before jumping into anything that could be potentially dangerous, the professionals at Impact Medical Brandon and here to debunk popular myths surrounding testosterone replacement therapy and how you can go about balancing your hormones in a safer, more natural way.

MYTH: Synthetic hormones are not compatible with the human body.

Bio-identical hormones are expertly designed to imitate the real thing as much as possible which makes them very compatible with the human body as the body will view them as natural hormones and react accordingly. Even though bioidentical hormones are technically manmade, the body takes them in as it would any other naturally-produced hormone and adapts them into the system seamlessly. Many people turn to this form of treatment because it’s as close to natural as you can get without having to resort to steroid-like alternatives.

MYTH: Testosterone replacement doesn’t make a significant difference to your hormones.

Testosterone replacement therapy has been proven to effectively balance out hormone levels followed by positive results with improvement in the body and mood as well as eliminating fatigue. Although different types of testosterone replacement methods come with varying results, bio-identical hormone optimization has been proven to show signs of improvement in many patients.

MYTH: Hormone-based therapy can make you depressed.

On the contrary, balancing your hormones using bio-identical hormones can help regulate your moods better and thus relieve any feelings of depression. Many mood swings are caused by hormone levels that are either too low or too high. Moods can range from irritation and anger to depression and anxiety, all in extreme and sometimes unbearable waves.

MYTH: All testosterone replacement methods garner the same results.

Many “male enhancement” products are made with harmful chemicals that can pose a risk to your body. Bio-identical hormones, on the other hand, provide a more natural way to balance out your hormones. This natural solution has not been known to show any dangers if done correctly.

MYTH: Testosterone replacement makes you feel tired.

It’s actually quite the opposite. By replacing and balancing out your testosterone, you can feel energy returning to your body from lack of fatigue. Many people claim to feel completely energized from the result of testosterone replacement. While simple tasks like doing household chores, playing with your children, or going to work can all feel like draining tasks with low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy can rejuvenate you.

MYTH: You should seek testosterone replacement from a primary care physician.

Like with many services, it’s better to seek out a specialist who received targeted training for the service you’re wanting to get as opposed to seeing a generalized doctor who is more equipped to handle basic needs. By visiting a specialist, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting proper treatment.

Where to Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Brandon

If you’re needing to get your hormones balanced, you can seek out testosterone replacement therapy from the trained professionals at Impact Medical Brandon. We specialize in hormone optimization to help you feel like you again! Call today at (813) 522-8885 to schedule an appointment.