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Does Manual Therapy Help Speed Up Muscle Recovery?

If you still think manuals are only for the rich and fabulous, think again! Manual therapy is an amazing way to boost muscle recovery after intense workouts. Even with ample rest time, the body’s muscles and tissues can become sore and tight. To speed up the recovery process, Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg recommends manual therapy. Here’s why.

Post-exercise, lactic acid builds up in your muscles, causing stiffness and soreness. But by introducing manual therapy after workouts, you can alleviate these aches and pains. Manual helps stimulate blood flow to reduce lactic acid building and improve circulation. This action then delivers freshly oxygenated blood all over the body to feed tissues and remove waste from the muscles.

When strength training with weights, the repetitive workout can cause micro-tears in the muscles. Though this leads to building bigger muscles, it’s not without consequences. These tears can cause inflammation throughout the body. In order to combat that response, add manual therapy to decrease inflammation rapidly and ease any soreness. This can support the body’s muscle recovery while also increasing your range of motion and preventing future injuries.

Tangentially, manual therapy also counteracts soreness felt from bad posture. Screens are king these days, but they can lead to stress and tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. By adding manual therapy and consistent exercise into a routine, you can reverse the damage to these areas.

If you are curious about adding manual therapy to your workout regimen, talk to the Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg team at (727) 722-8103, or send a message to schedule an appointment today.