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Here’s How IV Therapy Is Better Than Drinking Water

Vegas bachelor parties may come to mind when you think of IV drip therapy, but for many, it’s the only guaranteed way to hydrate quickly and efficiently. Though this treatment may have become trendy in recent years, it’s proven to counter dehydration effects quickly while also steering patients on an optimal path to wellness. Check out why Impact Medical Group of Clearwater’s IV drip therapy may be better than drinking water.

When 17% to 28% of American adults are dehydrated, it’s no wonder that drinking enough water can be challenging. The hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life paired with excessive amounts of drink options can make this hydrating task seem impossible. When we try to counter-correct this by guzzling water, it can have a negative effect on the digestive system. Fiber and electrolytes can be flushed out, requiring the body to work even harder to keep up. IV drip therapy is a rapid way to infuse your body with nutrients and fluids without relying on the digestive system. This creates less waste and helps the body retain more of these vital elements to ensure your body’s organs are functioning at their best.

IV drip therapy is also an effective way to combat germs and keep the body healthy. It can ward off varieties of bacteria, viruses, and other maladies by saturating the body’s cells with a large dose of fluids so they can work fast and effectively. Cells in the body require fluid to remove toxins and transport oxygen and nutrients. With IV drip therapy’s deluge of vitamins and minerals, cells can ward off any microscopic threats and keep the body healthy.

At least eight glasses of water a day is often recommended for those on weight loss journeys. This may seem overwhelming but IV drip therapy can plan a key role in helping you achieve your fitness goals. By pairing this treatment with regular exercise and healthy eating habits, your vitamin levels can be aligned and optimized. Patients have also experienced decreased sugar cravings that can lead to a surge in the body’s energy.

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